Family Cross

Different families within the Parish receive the Cross at the Sunday Mass on a weekly basis. They are also visited by a priest during that week. Parishioners are encouraged to keep the family in their prayers during the week.


Hospital Visits

Clergy and volunteers visit all Anglicans and take them Communion in the surrounding hospitals. Visits are done on a weekly basis, which include Parishioners from other Diocese who have been admitted to a hospital near the Parish.


Home Visiting

Pastoral home visiting is a ministry that is ideal for anyone who enjoys people. If you have your own transport, some time to spare and want to make a difference in someone's life, this is a ministry where you receive more than you give.  People who are unable to attend church, whether it be through lack of transport, illness, recuperation or simply age, are always happy to know that they are remembered and still part of a community. They derive tremendous joy from a visitor. They always make you welcome and often spoil you with a delicious tea.  Any visit, whether short or long brings pleasure to those visited. And, as the visitor, you reap more than you sow.


Phone Ministry

Those not able to come to Mass receive the pew leaflets fortnightly as well as phone calls on birthdays and special occasions. A little chat keeps us in touch with each other.   Others who receive calls are those who are eighty and over. Also those who celebrate being married for fifty years or more.