Bread and Beans

Every morning of the week, from 10 o’clock to 12 noon, a willing number of our congregation make themselves available to serve bread and beans to those passing by St Francis who are hungry and in need of food.

The tins of baked beans and slices brown bread are provided by the parish from moneys collected from Sunday offerings. It is a wonderful way to serve the poor and needy and, although at times it has been abused by those who might in fact have jobs, there are many who desperately rely on this service.

In order to prevent certain people from abusing this service, clients are asked to provide 5-10 plastic bottle tops. However, it is not always possible to find that many, and leniency is often practised. Each recipient receives an opened tin of beans and 3 slices of bread.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know people on a one-on-one basis. Should anyone be interested in offering 2 hours a week, more volunteers are needed. Please contact the parish office or Jeannie Rodger.


Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen has been run for many years by members of St Francis and was taken over by Veronica Oliver and Jeannie Rodger nearly 7 years ago.

A group of about 8 ladies meet to work on a Tuesday morning from 8 to 10 am. There are approximately 18 ladies on the roster but they are not always able to attend every week.

The vegetables are kindly donated by Menlo Park Fruit and Veg Gardens. They are collected on a Monday and there is usually more than enough to fill three enormous pots, which are decanted into transportable containers. The soup is then taken to the Tshwane Leadership Foundation, close to Burger's Park, where it is distributed to the poor and needy. The Potter's House for abused women and children, crèches in the area and the homeless in Salvokop and central Pretoria are usually the recipients. We also provide sliced bread with a mixture of peanut butter, margarine and jam, which is sent with the soup to feed the children in the crèches.

With funds obtained by donations from offerings, we are able to buy various foodstuffs such as lentils, stock cubes, tomato purées, packet soups, salt, peanut butter, apricot jam and margarine. Through the years we have received regular donations of soup bones from a parishioner and occasionally frozen homemade soup from St Francis Presbyterian Church. These donations are welcomed and much appreciated. 

Anyone interested in joining this "merry band" of ladies is very welcome indeed. They urgently need more volunteers. They have also started a WhatsApp group which has helped improve communication. It is a really worthwhile venture and addresses real needs.