As a parish, Saint Francis provides 40 FABs every two weeks. These bags feed 40 families in Shoshanguve and the Winterveld. These bags feed anything from 1 adult and 1 child to 2 adults and 9 children!


Shopping List


1 x 2.5 kg Mealie Meal - R26.99

2 x 1 kg samp - R12.99

1 x 500 g full cream milk powder- R54.99

1 x 400 g peanut butter - R28.99

1 x 1 kg sugar - R19.99

1 x 500 g salt - R6.99

1 x 200 g soya mince - R17.99

1 x 500 g white kidney beans - R24.99

1 x 500 g red speckled beans - R18.99

TOTAL: R225-90


Get Involved

- Take a bag from the table outside church on a Sunday and fill it yourself. You can then shop around for the best value for your money.

- Put R250 or whatever you can afford in an envelope marked FAB which you will find at the beginning of each pew.

- Pay by EFT. You will require the St Francis banking details. Please state clearly what you are paying for by giving your surname and FAB, e.g. HIGGS FAB.


Any assistance we receive is greatly appreciated.