These are two related ministries aimed at strengthening relationships in the families that comprise the church of St Francis of Assisi and in the Family of St Francis of Assisi, that is the parish as a whole and onwards into the entire Anglican Communion.  Please see the Mission and Vision of St Francis published every week in the pew leaflet for more information.

With Jesus as the role model and seeking common ground, Saint Francis aims to promote constructive interaction, instilling values and morals in healing rifts which inevitably occur within these families. It seeks to build strength from the diversity that exists in its families at their various levels. To this end, pamphlets are published on relevant issues and values, a collection of which are in the rack adjacent to the entrance of the church. These are free to be taken and feedback is welcome, and also content for further publication.

Why not ponder What’s all this about Family or What would you tell a child? Born Free may give you some food for thought or A Role for Grandparents. Our Archbishop Thabo has some provocative thoughts.  

A common process used to reconcile is Building Bridges. This aims to allow apparently unattainable connections to be made between differing points of view.

Anglicanism is a communion with God which offers diverse approaches to worship in order to find common ground within one parish or congregation, with different approaches meeting in worship, in harmony and equality of respect.

The common ground for this lies in An Anglican Book of Prayer. The tolerance and cooperation arising from congregants who are determined to maintain the common ground strengthen the Church’s contribution to families, parishes and communities. Their constructive interactions give Christ-like service to those in need. There are many such points of positivity as well as divisions within St Francis of Assisi and, thankfully, many who wish bridges to be built.

The church encourages you, when next you “pass the peace”, to seek out another of a somewhat different approach and to commence, with that person, to build a Bridge of Care. This will build a remarkable strength in the congregation and your life.