4:30 PM
9:30 PM


Book the date and join the family of St Francis at the Mission House to prepare for Christmas with Stalls of Christmas goodies, food and drink, a Children’s Church performance and Carols by Candlelight.  Successful events require two things: proper prior planning and many hands to get involved. We invite you to get involved so that we can do the proper prior planning.  Here is a list of possible stalls. Please choose one (or more) where you would like to be involved, either by helping to organise or making items for the stall. Write your name and contact details as well as the name of the stall(s) on a piece of paper and pop it into the Christmas Box at the back of the church.

- Cake Stall – baking cakes, mince pies, Christmas cakes, Christmas cupcakes…
- Book Stall – donating books, helping to sort and price, serving…
- Sweets & Biscuits – making fudge, chocolate truffles, gingerbread men and women, Christmas biscuits…
- White Elephant – sorting and collecting goods including 2nd hand Christmas decorations
- Drinks stall – champagne, wine, making eggnog or homemade ginger beer…
- Plant stall – donating and helping
- Hand Crafted Goods – donating Christmas material and felt, making tablecloths, Christmas stocking
- African 7 colour food stall
- Burgers and Wors Roll Braai stall

Then on Saturday 24 November come along to the Ministry House from 4:30 pm onwards (or earlier to help set up the stalls), to do some Christmas shopping.
Picnic on the lawn by enjoying one of the Christmas hampers and sipping on some champagne, eggnog and ginger beer, while watching the Children’s Church Nativity Play and singing Christmas Carols.  Children can have a ball with jumping castles, popcorn, face painting and maybe even ride camels like the Wise Men from the East.